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Feto-maternal Medicine


Feto-maternal Medicine

The Feto-maternal division at AlReem Medical Center provides comprehensive care throughout your pregnancy. The Center offers Genetic Testing to screen for fetal chromosomal abnormalities and have experienced, qualified professionals who counsel the couples in case of any detected irregularities. Additional facilities provided at the Feto-maternal clinic are Amniocentesis and 4D Ultrasound scan. The 4D Ultrasound scan is a high-resolution imaging process of scanning the fetus as early as 11 weeks to detect fetal congenital anomalies.

Our Services

      • Screening for chromosomal anomalies
      • Early diagnosis of fetal anomalies
      • Management complicated pregnancy with fetal anomalies
      • Antenatal care of pregnancy with high risk preterm labor
      • Antenatal care of pregnancy with family history of genetic disorder
      • Anomaly ultrasound (twins, triplets)
      • Viability ultrasound
      • Growth scan ultrasound (twins, triplets)
      • Cervical assessment