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Obstetrics & Gynecology


Obstetrics & Gynecology

AlReem Medical Center has a committed team of expert doctors and healthcare professionals. Our Obstetrics and Gynecology clinic provides consultation, advice, screening and care concerning conception, pregnancy, menstrual disorders, breastfeeding, infertility, antenatal screening and hysterectomy among many other related areas. Procedures such as pap smear test, breast examination, IUCD insertion and removal, Mirena insertion and removal, cryosurgery and endometrial biopsy are all performed under one roof, making it a convenient and dependable experience for patients and their families. High risk pregnancies are monitored very closely, and the Center provides patients with emergency care and a management plan to ensure safe deliveries.

Diagnostic and therapeutic hysteroscopy for the removal of intrauterine adhesions, IUCD removal and polypectomy are performed at our Center. Operative Hysteroscopic procedures with general anesthesia are also conducted by our Senior Consultants. Myomectomy, metroplasty, intrauterine adhesiolysis, removal of IUCD or Mirena call for this minimally invasive gynecological procedure. Our Consultants also treat all menstrual disorders, stress incontinence and perform detailed vaginal ultrasound as well.

Our Services

      • General gynecology
      • Gyn endoscopy surgery
      • Treatment of endometriosis
      • Treatment of polycystic
      • Treatment of menstrual disturbance
      • 4D vaginal Ultrasound for Uterus
      • Recurrent Miscarriage
      • Antenatal Management (low risk + high risk) pregnancy
      • Obstetric Ultrasound
      • Pap smear
      • IUI
      • Viability ultrasound
      • Transvaginal ultrasound
      • Urinary incontinence
      • Menopause disorder
      • IUCD insertion & removal
      • Cryo of cervix
      • Endometrial biopsy